Country/RegionShipping time
Algeria7-20 Days
Argentina7-15 Days
Australia6-10 Days
Austria6-8 Days
Azerbaijan7-20 Days
Belarus7-10 Days
Belgium6-8 Days
Brazil30-35 Days
Bulgaria7-20 Days
Burkina Faso7-20 Days
Canada7-15 Days
Columbia7-20 Days
Croatia8-12 Days
Cuba7-20 Days
Czech Republic6-8 Days
Democratic Republic of Congo7-20 Days
Denmark6-8 Days
Djibouti7-20 Days
Ethiopia7-20 Days
Finland8-12 Days
France3-5 Days
Gabon7-20 Days
Germany5-8 Days
Greece8-12 Days
Hungary8-12 Days
Indonesia22 Days
Ireland8-12 Days
Israel19 Days
Italy5-8 Days
Japan2-4 Days
Kazakhstan13 Days
Lebanon7-20 Days
Lithuania7-20 Days
Luxembourg19 Days
Macao7-20 Days
Malaysia15 Days
Mexico14 Days
Morocco7-20 Days
Netherlands6-8 Days
New Zealand12-20 Days
Niger7-20 Days
Norway22 Days
Pakistan3-7 Days
Poland6-8 Days
Portugal8-12 Days
Qatar7-20 Days
Romania7-20 Days
Russia19 Days
Rwanda7-20 Days
Saudi Arabia22 Days
Senegal7-20 Days
Singapore12 Days
Slovakia8-12 Days
Slovenia8-12 Days
South Korea2-4 Days
Spain5-8 Days
Sweden6-8 Days
Switzerland24 Days
Taiwan2-4 Days
Thailand13 Days
The United Arab Emirates3-7 Days
The United States5-8 Days
The United Kingdom3-5 Days
Turkey19 Days
Ukraine21 Days
Uzbekistan7-20 Days
Vietnam3-7 Days


1. The shipping time included on the list is the approximate time and is for your reference only.

2. If you do not receive the package within the expected shipping time, please check the order status online. If you have any other questions or have any problems, please contact our customer service for assistance.