Nice2CU clear face mask

Stay protected, stay safe and keep smiling during Covid-19

How you can stay protected, stay safe, and keep smiling during Covid-19 using a transparent face mask?

Wearing transparent face masks is the best form of protection against the spread of Covid-19, thousands of individuals and families have stocked up on face masks, to use as a protective layer when heading out, or when in proximity to others.

The only issue with regular face masks is that they cover your face and facial expressions completely, being that we are already in difficult times it only fuels the feeling of loneliness, separation, and miscommunication. That’s why Nice2CU™ is supplying The ClearMask™ which is the key to solving this along with many more benefits.


What are the benefits of wearing a transparent face mask?

The ClearMask™ transparent face masks provide an additional layer of protection and help to prevent spittle and spray. The transparent face mask can also be cleaned and sanitised for extended use in low-risk environments but are not designed for high-risk areas or surgical use.


How to clean your transparent face mask?

Transparent face masks can be cleaned and sanitised with regular soap and water. Simply wash and wipe down.

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Who are transparent face masks are best for?

Nice2CU™ - Transparent face masks

Nice2CU™ – Transparent face masks

Everyone can wear The ClearMask™, from children to adults. These transparent face masks are important for the deaf community, older folks, hospitalised patients, young children, students, and teachers – in hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools, and universities.


Why Nice2CU™ exist and what is our mission?

Nice2CU™ is pleased to provide everyone with the benefit of wearing a transparent face mask so that we can all see who we are talking to again and to see everyone’s smile!

Nice2CU™ - Transparent face masks

Nice2CU™ – Transparent face masks


Covid-19 has brought many challenges but the one we all weren’t prepared for was the lack of communication, separation, and connection. The ClearMask™ make it possible – by being able to see each other’s faces, smiles, eyes, and facial expressions mean so much in a time where we need to be distant from one another.


Why The ClearMask™ Transparent Face Mask?

The ClearMask™ products are Manufactured and Tested to Meet International Safety Standards. A quick search on Google shows that there are a number of heroic homemade mask-makers responding to the urgent need in the UK. But for obvious reasons, most of these masks have not been properly tested and do not meet international safety standards for example particle filtration, flame resistance, fluid resistance, and breathability. The ClearMask™ products have been tested and are manufactured to meet specific safety requirements. The ClearMask™ products have been registered with the US FDA.

Nice2CU™ - Transparent face masks

Nice2CU™ – Transparent face masks

Using a transparent face mask for providing protection throughout your daily routine and it is just one step towards preventing the spread of Covid-19. If you are interested in ordering The ClearMask™ from Nice2cu™, place your order online and we will deliver a box of The ClearMask™ right to your doorstep! Be protected, stay safe, and keep smiling!