About Us

Nice2CU™ specialises in products that we love to share with you. We hope our collection of clothing and accessories brings you joy. Nice2CU™ products can make a big difference to your life.

Nice2CU™ began its business in 2020 in response to the need for products to help people during the Covid19 pandemic. Nice2CU™ has expanded its product line to include its current range of clothing and accessories.

Nice2CU™ is a trading name of Bayley Limited. Our Mission is to rapidly supply high quality products direct to your office or home.

Nice2CU™ depends on you our customers. Our future success is in your beautiful hands so please like us on social media and tell your friends about us. Nice2CU™ again!

CSR Statement:

At Nice2CU™, we believe that our success is tied to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner, and to minimizing our impact on the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is built around four pillars:

  1. Sustainable sourcing: We are committed to sourcing materials and products from suppliers who share our values and who prioritize environmental sustainability and fair labor practices.

  2. Responsible manufacturing: We work closely with our partners to ensure that they meet our high standards for labor practices, worker safety, and environmental impact.

  3. Community engagement: We believe that it is important to give back to the communities that support us. We support local organizations and charities that are aligned with our values and that promote social and environmental justice.

  4. Transparency and accountability: We are committed to being transparent about our operations and to holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We regularly report on our progress toward our sustainability goals and welcome feedback from our customers and stakeholders.

ESG Statement:

At Nice2CU™, we understand the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in today's business landscape. We are committed to integrating ESG factors into our decision-making processes and to ensuring that we operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Environmental: We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and to promoting sustainability throughout our operations. We strive to minimize waste and energy use, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our high standards for environmental sustainability.

Social: We believe that it is important to treat our employees, customers, and stakeholders with respect and dignity. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace and to providing fair and safe working conditions for all. We also support social initiatives that promote equality and justice.

Governance: We believe that good governance is essential for long-term success. We are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, including transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. We also believe in engaging with our stakeholders and in being responsive to their needs and concerns.


NICE2CU(TM) is a trading name of Bayley Limited.
Registration Number: 13369320
Business address: 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, UK

Email: enquiries@nice2cu.com