ClearMask – 2 Reasons Why It Is Nice to See You Again

ClearMask – 2 Reasons Why It Is Nice to See You Again

ClearMask – The Need for Physical Connection and Personal Communication

55% of communication is visual. This had been taken for granted before the pandemic hit the world. Most people didn’t realize the importance of this until every person normalized hiding their faces behind protective opaque masks. Wearing opaque masks is undoubtedly helping to protect people from virus transmission, but they cause a big conundrum for many. ClearMasks are here to solve this problem.

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What is the effect of this?

People wearing opaque masks are now not able to see faces, hence, are not able to see facial expressions and emotions. The consequence is human disconnection. Aside from staying 2 meters apart from other people, emotional detachment has created a big problem in our society today.


ClearMask – The Need for Physical Connection and Personal Communication

Photo: Cottonbro/Pexels

Despite the convenience of being able to connect with the Internet, physical connections and personal communication are still essential elements to our daily survival.


Who are the most affected?

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The most affected people are the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities. This is extra difficult for them because facial expressions and lip-reading are a vital part of their communication. The sad part is that traditional opaque face masks are hindering that.


Elderly people who cannot hear properly also use lipreading for an easier way of understanding the words. Unfortunately, these people who cannot hear properly suffer from communicating because of the opaque masks.


Students and teachers are also greatly affected by this pandemic. Despite the surge in virus cases, some teachers and students are expected to return to schools or universities for continued education. Communication at schools will surely be affected because everyone must wear protective masks. It is difficult to interact and see the facial expressions of each other in a class. We all know that we also depend on the lipreading of our professors so we can catch every word they are saying.


Aside from these groups of people, there are many others who are struggling with communication because of the pandemic. And for a period of time, we all got used to seeing people behind opaque masks. Don’t we miss the smiles and the positive interactions we used to have before?


ClearMask – Here are 2 reasons why it is nice to see everybody:

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1.  ClearMask: To Achieve a Clearer and Better Communication

Surely, you’ve experienced confusion and misunderstanding when you have misheard what your friend or neighbor mentioned, or you could hardly hear the instructions the lady in the store or what the doctor said, or maybe it made you anxious because you didn’t understand what your professor or boss asked you to do? We have all suffered from these kinds of situations. If only there were no mask barriers, it would be easier to hear everyone. If only you can see the movement of their mouth, it would be better to understand.

Being able to see the movement of the mouth makes communication better, especially when there is background noise, be it on a train or in a crowded market or mall. The ClearMask will achieve this.

Lip-reading helps people understand more by watching and identifying mouth movements. This is very true with people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Lipreading is part of their communication and it is surely very challenging not to see the movements of their mouth because of the opaque masks.


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2.  ClearMasks Facilitate Positive Interactions

Wearing a ClearMask, even without words, you can easily see when people are delighted when their faces light up, and conversely, you can see when people are lonely when you see their gloomy faces. Facial expressions affect how we communicate and understand each other. Because of opaque masks, it is a lot harder to tell what each person is trying to convey. ClearMasks will get you through this challenge.

Have you ever had a bad day but then someone smiled at you and you felt much better? One of the best, or perhaps this could be the best facial expression – the smile is a powerful gesture. They say, “it can communicate our internal world to people on the outside”. To most people, smiling is free therapy. Unfortunately, we rarely see smiles and give smiles nowadays because of the protective masks that we all need to wear. This fact has brought anxiety, isolation, and loneliness to other people.

A simple smile goes a long way, it can always change the mood and the perspective of a person. Seeing each other’s facial expressions reduces the negativity in our mind and soul.

Being able to see our faces also brings delight in interacting with not only people of our age but also with children. It helps with their social, emotional, and language development by allowing them to observe facial expressions and non-verbal cues.

It brings positive, safe, and friendly service to customers. Being able to show them that you are glad to serve and talk to them also makes their feelings delighted and positive. It can also make you more understandable and accommodating. This is the same when interacting with patients, reducing their loneliness, and making it easier for them to grasp every instruction they are given.

Facial expressions and lip-reading are also useful for students and teachers to better understand one another.

There are many reasons why it is nicer and better to see each other’s faces. And we never noticed them before the widespread use of opaque face masks. The new normal’ s guidelines have made everything a lot more complicated. But we can always find a way to make this challenging season easier to live.

What now?

Innovative products are now being introduced to help people in this pandemic season. People have been introducing masks with a transparent barrier that will improve communication while still staying safe from the virus.

This is what inspires Nice2CU™ to supply products such as The ClearMask™, a fully transparent, FDA-cleared surgical mask.

Nice2CU™ supplies low-cost products such as The Clearmask™, to help people struggling with communication during the pandemic – including the deaf community, older folks, hospitalised patients, young children, students, and teachers – in hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools, and universities.

The ClearMask™ is the first fully transparent, FDA-cleared surgical mask optimized for maximum clarity and comfort: making connections more human and providing clearer communication for all.

This transparent face mask is the best solution to making our communications clearer, unrestricted, and better. By using this ClearMask™, we can confidently say what we want to say without being misunderstood and understand the words easier from other people using it.

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In this season where we can’t give physical affection, let’s all show and give everyone a smile despite the pandemic. By seeing everyone’s faces and smiles, we can make this world a better and happier place to live. Thank goodness for the ClearMask!